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Shaun and Jen StephensonS2 Ep.5 - Family Matters

Shaun Stephenson had learned from an early age that it was his duty to serve his country as a United States Marine. He and his brother, Dion, trained together from children until they each enlisted two years apart from each other into the Corps at After tragedy struck during Desert Storm, Shaun changed course and attended the US Naval Academy, played baseball and football, and went back into the Marines as an officer. Shaun and Jen soon married, started a family, and after completing his active duty obligation, Shaun left the Marines for life as a civilian. Apart from his career path, Shaun works with an organization called to give veterans of past wars commemorative books of the wars in which they served.

Name: Shaun and Jen Stephenson
Branch/Specialty: US Marine Corp/Recon & Light Armor LAV
Civilian Career: Team Development and HR

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